Coworking là gì?

Coworking đang phát triển rất nhanh tại Hồ Chí Minh và trên khắp thế giới, nhưng vẫn có nhiều …

Làm thế nào để chọn một không gian làm việc tốt?

Dựa theo nghiên cứu năm 2019 của DeskMag, có trên 2 triệu người đang làm việc tại hơn 20,000 …

we offer:

  • Memberships for companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • Advice for starting businesses in Vietnam
  • Connections to grow your business

Our Spaces have:

  • Enjoyable, engaging and productive places to work
  • High speed WiFi connections and 24/7 access
  • Meeting rooms and private phone booths
  • Printers, scanners, security, parking and cleaning
  • Guest reception and free refreshments
  • All inclusive pricing
  • Restaurants, cafes, banks and hotels nearby

We Also Connect You With:

  • Business services such as outsourcing, company registration, market research and other consulting
  • Creative services such as photography, graphic design, branding and copywriting
  • Technology development, including websites, mobile apps and ERPs
  • Video production, including post production and animation