Hot desks offer an affordable option for coworking. They work really well for some members!

How Does a Hot Desk Work?

Hot desks are an important part of shared space in a coworking space.  If you can see an empty desk, that is a place you can work from. Dive in! There are no reservations with hot desks: availability is based on “first-in, best-dressed”!

Using a hot desk is known as “hot desking”.

What are the Advantage of Hot Desking?

Hot desks are almost certainly the cheapest membership option in a coworking space.

In addition to their low price, hot desks have some other advantages. Hot desks tend to be more social, exposing members to new and different people in a week. They’re a good way to make new connections and encourage new ideas.

Who will Enjoy Hot Desking?

Hot desks work for a whole lot of people.

  • Freelancers
  • Remote workers
  • Digital nomads
  • Entrepreneurs

Hot desks are highly suitable if you’re working with simple equipment. Got a laptop in a bag? Hot desks are ideal! If you need to work on a second monitor, use a trackpad or keep a lot of documents, hot desks are not so great. Perhaps you should consider a dedicated desk.

Hot desks are more popular among young workers. Without the same needs for stability as their older counterparts, young workers enjoy the benefits of cheaper places to work and a more social atmosphere.

Hot desks are great for individuals but tend to be less suitable for small teams. Once you’re working with a team, you’ll probably want the seclusion and storage offered by a private studio.

How can Hot Desking Work Best?   

The design of a coworking space can make hot desks a joy to use. Comfy chairs, large desks and plenty of power points certainly help. Hot desk areas that include easy access to private phone booths, meeting rooms, lounges and other shared spaces can also improve a member’s experience.

Hot desking is a great solution if members:

  1. Use other shared spaces like lounges and meeting rooms to have loud conversations or take phone calls.
  2. Can block out small to moderate distractions.
  3. Clean up their desks at the end of the day.

Good coworking spaces will help to actively manage the potential issues of hot desking.

Want to Try hot Desking?

You should drop in to Saigon Coworking! We have affordable hot desks available for you. All members using hot desks enjoy access to cafe, lounge, meeting rooms and booths for making video calls.

Find out more at our Membership page or send us a message/email.
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